Abstracts must be received by Friday, January 20, 2017, and should be uploaded to:  Abstract Submission
  • All accepted abstracts will be considered for “The Breast Journal Award,” with notification of winners in late January. The three recipients of this award will be asked to give an oral presentation during the luncheon on Saturday, February 11th. Cash prizes will be awarded. Award recipients will receive a one-year complimentary subscription to The Breast Journal. The award is sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell, publisher of The Breast Journal.
  • Abstracts should be submitted as a Word document (.doc, .docx), and should contain 350-500 words.
  • Title is in all capital letters, flush with left margin. Type last name followed by initials. Include names of all authors, their institutional affiliations, cities, states and zip codes. Mark the presenting author with an asterisk.
  • Title should include significant words that reflect the content of the abstract. Abstracts should adequately describe the objectives and results of the research. Each abstract should contain (a) Introduction; (b) Description; (c) Summary; and (d) Conclusion.
  • Abbreviations may be used in the abstract text if defined. Spell out the term in full at first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses.
  • ABSTRACTS should be uploaded to Abstract Submission
  • At least one of the authors must register and attend the Symposium. The email submitted with the abstract must include the full name, credentials, mailing address, email address and phone number of the author designated to present the abstract, if the abstract is selected for a Breast Journal Award.
  • Acceptance Letters and guidelines for presenters will be sent to the presenters in late January.
  • Inquiries concerning preparation, submission or acceptance of abstracts should be directed to Karen Earick at (904) 244-6069 or karen.earick@jax.ufl.edu.